About me


“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”

-Dorothea Lange-


Hello there, I am Cyril Chiquet born in Switzerland in 1988 where I lived my first 15 years before moving to Denmark.

I studied the basics of Information Technology and worked for 5 years behind a desk for a software company here in Copenhagen. Throughout my life, I always had to capture on film those moments and sceneries that made me pause.

I came to realize that taking photographs and making videos became my passion so I decided to follow the call of the camera, spent time studying photo and video editing techniques and start my business.

Today, I am a freelancer photographer, video maker and a licensed drone pilot based in Copenhagen. l love to be on the move and especially when I explore new places of this world, I have an instinct for playing with lights, shadows and hues. Photography is a form of communication and being a silent observer I pursue to capture photographs that convey my vision and connect with the viewers.

During the last years I worked for business companies in Scandinavia, Switzerland and touristic companies in Costa Rica.

My dynamic spirit keeps myself constantly open to travel this world and catch the essence of new places so don’t hesitate to contact me wherever you are in this world to discuss your ideas and projects.